A passion for good sound

Becoming a hi-fi manufacturer in this day and age? And still build analog turntables? When most people stream via their cell phones?

And founded 4 weeks before the COVID-19 outbreak. A difficult time for a young company in a saturated market.

True, but the hunger for technical and economic challenges was stronger, and so Thomas Luh decided to realize his own ideas and concepts and to offer the market new devices with an attractive price-performance ratio. With own development and manufacturing. Made in Germany.


The guiding idea

Develop, produce and market sonically outstanding devices with appealing styling and technically sophisticated design.

Rethinking existing and proven concepts. Free from dogmas and clichés. And this refers to both the external form and the materials used. However, these should not be an end in themselves, but should have a technical or economic benefit, taking into account the environment. Therefore, you will not find any use of materials with us if it is not technically necessary or sensible.

We build durable and beautifully designed devices that should give the owner many years of haptic, visual and, above all, sonic pleasure.