The K2 radial tonearm is a completely in-house development by LUPHONIC. The goal was to develop a high-quality tonearm with which the two turntables H1 and H2 can form a sonic symbiosis.
The bearings of the gimbal have been realized via precise miniature ball bearings. The arm tube is made of low-resonance carbon and is partly responsible for the tonal strengths of this tonearm. So is the headshell, which after much experimentation is made of a sintered polyamide filled with tiny glass spheres. Thus, despite low weight, a high rigidity is achieved and at the same time the material prevents the propagation of sound-damaging resonances.

The K2 offers convenient and variable adjustment of tonearm height, tracking force, azimuth and anti-skating force. With the stainless steel counterweight, most cartridges available on the market with a weight between 5g and 14g can be balanced.
The tonearm is also available separately with a length of 9.5" or 12" and can be mounted on many turntables.


Cartridge weight
Tonearm length
Effective length
Mounting distance
Adjustment options


Radial tonearm
Horizontal and vertical precision ball bearing
Carbon tube, aluminum, stainless steel, POM
9.5″                   12″
239,3 mm         304,8 mm
17,3 mm              12,8 mm
222,0 mm         292,0 mm
Polyamide, filled with tiny glass balls
VTA, VTF, azimuth and antiskating