Concept and materials

The Luphonic R3 has adopted the proven concept of the belt drive from its brothers, as have the main materials for the chassis and platter. These are made of composite solid surface material and are characterized by high internal damping and moderate density. The motor is spatially separated from the bearing and tonearm and is located on the lower layer, which is separated from the upper layer by damping cellular rubber.

Drive and control

The smooth-running synchronous motor is controlled by motor electronics developed in-house, with which both the amplitude and the phase shift of the two sine waves are individually adapted to the built-in motor. This ensures an extremely quiet and vibration-free drive. The turntable is operated using the tried-and-tested puck for speeds of 33 1/3 and 45 revolutions per minute.


The proven puck control from the H2 and R3 has also been used in the R2 and impresses with its contactless operation and digital display of the selected speed. The display also shows additional information such as software status, speed correction and phase position.


The R2 is supplied as standard with the Luphonic K2 in 9.5 inches. The K2 is a gimbal-mounted tonearm with a carbon arm tube and a wide range of adjustment options. 


Speed accuracy


Belt-driven turntable
Synchronous motor, integrated motor control
33 1/3 and 45 rpm, electronically selectable by puck
0,04% DIN WRMS.
Solid surface material in resonance-optimized sandwich design,
Height adjustable feet
Solid surface material, height: 24mm
Luphonic K2, length 9.5 inches
W 440mm, D 350mm, H 120mm
10 kg
White chassis, black platter